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Hey there folks!
For me it's a great, huge pleasure to announce that our new illustration studio, PICTONAUTA, has now a proper website - please, go check it out!
Here is our release:

You heard about astronauts. You probably heard about cosmonauts and even taikonauts.
But do you know the Pictonautas?

Dictionary helps:

s m+f (lat pictore+nauta)
1 Person who occupies itself with drawing and painting. 2 Pilot of the pictoship; traveler of the pictorial.

The Pictonauta Studio is exactly that.
A illustration studio composed by people who occupy themselves with drawing and painting, traveling and exploring the pictouniverse. But you can call us illustrators too.

On this website you will find some of our work.

Any questions concerning our work, comissions and pricing, feel free to contact us at

Well, just give us a chance, and go there - you can even comment on the works, by just following the link of each image right to Flickr.
HMMM about myself, well soon I'll be posting new stuff, and then, I'll stop playing and really start (or at least try!) making some illustrations... Oh, and finally, a blog will be up soon! I really hope I'll have your sweet support and uplifting energy, as usual!
All the best, abraço!
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Hey there people!

I'm just a little desperate about answering all the people supporting me right now - I was suddenly blown away with TONS of messages (after a DD), and I don't know if I can deal with this...! But I just hope that this message will reach some of the amazing Deviants that are supporting me with your huge kindness.
So... THANKS A LOT!!!!!! ;>)
I'll try my best to keep it up to all of you, and I hope you'll keep blasting me with your so uplifting energy.
Thanks for the support!
All the best, abraços!

Ps.: I have a Twitter now... just in case!
Check it out:
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Hey there folks!

Lots and lots of stuff going on, these last few months were crazyyyy, but everything is just fine now! New projects ahead, new paths opening in my mind... this year will be the start of great things!
And the most cool, me and my fellows Marcus ( and Thiago ( are engaging into a new illustration studio!
More about this, in the next days...
For now, I need to share that in these past few days, my mind went through an epiphanic maelstrom, and I feel that this is the start of something really important in my artistic operandi... I'm re-defining my own way of seeing (and making) art, and I'm über excited about these new paths that are opening in my insane mind. Hopefully my new ideas and approaches will speak louder!

In the next days, I'll be posting some of the work that I've done in the past months, I hope you'll enjoy them!
This is an exciting new journey for me, and I hope I'll have your company through it!
Peace folks, all the best, abraços!
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Well well, what can I say? I'm a new boy here on Deviant, and I have A LOT to do in this new home, so, I'll just start posting some of my old work, for a warm up - but yeah, I'm working hard, and as soon as possible I'll be adding some fresh new babies as soon they are born... Hope you enjoy these freakin' images!
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